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Oraspa: Dental Spa

See the softer side of dentistry.

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Feeling Anxious About Your Visit?

Receive quality dental care in our spa room.

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For many patients coming to the dentist can bring about feelings of anxiety or fear. At Cascade Dental Care, we offer a spa-like treatment that can be added to any hygiene appointment.

The DentalSpa by Oraspa offers relaxation techniques that can relieve TMJ pain, migraines, facial pressure, and everyday stress.

Now there is no need to let dental anxiety keep you from maintaining your oral health. Our team of experts knows just how to keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout your visit.

The Oraspa™ Experience

Eliminate fear as our team heals, nurtures, and serves you.

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Did you know? We have the only certified Oraspa™ therapists in the whole state of Kansas. Our hygienists, Amy Snow and Monica Markway, are registered dental hygienists trained to deliver the full Oraspa experience.

Still curious about the many benefits that the DentalSpa can offer? Check out the ways this experience can enhance your overall health and visit.

  • Creates environmental peace during your visit
  • Regulates all the senses using Sensory Fusion
  • Promotes wellness using therapeutic grade essential oils customized to each patient
  • Enhances the alpha and theta brain waves to a stage of relaxation and rest
  • Helps subdue the gagging reflex
  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation
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‘‘Best dental office in town. Been going here since I could walk. Love Brent Jones and his workers. They always take great care of me and are extremely courteous. Thanks Cascade!’’

Brenda O. (5-Star Review)

A Unique Take on Dentistry

Putting your comfort first so you can enjoy your dental visits.

  • What is a DentalSpa?
    A DentalSpa is a drug-free dental therapy method that provides a comfortable alternative approach to a regular dental appointment. Certified therapists use hands-on techniques like touch therapy and play spa music to induce a calm state of mind and to relax dental patients. Patients experience relief of dental anxiety, inflammation, and muscle pain related to TMJ.
  • Is the DentalSpa backed by science and research?
    Neuromuscular transmission from mind, body, and soul creates feelings of relaxation to mute the feelings a person may experience when going to the dentist.  Natural oils from plants, calming spa music, and gentle touch has been proven to calm patients down. This organic anxiolytic consciously rejuvenates and sedates any nervous patient. The Oraspa™ technology was researched and developed in 1986. It creates a heightened anabolic state in your immune, nervous skeletal, and muscle systems which then puts you into a relaxed alpha brainwave state that calms you down during standard dental procedures. 
  • Are there any negative side effects?
    There are no negative side effects, only positive, associated with this type of treatment. Treatments are non-invasive and consumer friendly. 

Our Dental Spa Team

We have the only certified therapists in Kansas.

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Amy showing her bright smile

Two of our hygienists, Monica and Amy, are highly trained and certified in the DentalSpa experience. They have extensive education, along with many years of experience treating patients. Our team knows how to make the most of your cleaning appointment, and once you add the Oraspa™, you won’t want to go back to traditional hygiene visits.

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